Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Mumia is now recovering from heart surgery, please contact Gov. Tom Wolf and prison authorities! Cite the UN's condemnation of the hospital shackling!

On the morning of April 20, Mumia came out of surgery, and his lawyers were told that the procedure was successful. Later that evening, Mumia called his wife Wadiya, had a good conversation, and Wadiya says that he sounds strong! While Mumia recovers during the next few weeks, we must keep building public pressure to ensure that Mumia gets the best possible treatment.

On April 20, the United Nations Human Rights Council issued a report condemning the hospital bed shackling of Mumia. Please cite this UN Statement and demand that Mumia not be shackled while recovering at the hospital!

We are demanding that the hospital officials and the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections do the following immediately:

1) Mumia must not be shackled to his hospital bed during his recovery.
2) Let Mumia speak with his Family.
3) Let Mumia speak directly with his physician Dr. Ricardo Alvarez
4) Let Mumia speak with his spiritual advisor Dr. Mark Taylor
5) Provide the appropriate rehabilitation plan for his recovery

The next days, weeks, and months will be critical in Mumia's recovery.
The conditions of his confinement contributed to his heart disease. He was held in isolation solitary for over a year, never able to exercise.  Limited to walking in his very small cell.  He was allowed off his block rarely. These were due to the covid restrictions. 

As he recovers he MUST have access to his physician, exercise and a heart health diet.  
Please continue to call and write to the PADOC and let them know we are watching and that "Freedom is the only treatment"

Head of PA DOC, John Wetzel
717-728-2573 *** EMAIL: ra-crpadocsecretary@pa.gov
twitter: @johnewetzel, @DOCSecretary 
PA DOC, Deputy Secretary for Administration of Healthcare, Christopher Oppman 
717-728-4122 or 717-728-2573 Ext 5
SCI Mahanoy Superintendent, Bernadette Mason
570-773-2158; bmason@pa.gov

Governor of PA, Tom Wolf
717-787-2500 ext. 3. *** FAX 717-772-8284 *** EMAIL:  Brunelle.Michael@gmail.com  
facebook: @governorwolf, @TomWolfPA  instagram: @governortomwolf


(c) Menira Gilden Seth Tobocman   

And every letter of encouragement and support goes such a long way for Mumia. Send him your blessings: 

Mumia Abu-Jamal
Smart Communications/PADOC
Mumia Abu-Jamal, AM 8335
SCI Mahanoy
c/o PO Box 33028
St Petersburg, FL 33733

(Florida is not a misprint, letters to Mumia are sent to the mail contractor in Florida and then scanned and printed and given to him).  He will receive these in the infirmary and in his cell.  Every prayer and letter matters. 

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