Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Mumia Abu-Jamal's grandson, Jamal Jr. runs into DA Larry Krasner at iHop, talks to him about Mumia's case

(PHOTO: Former MOVE 9 political prisoner Janine Africa holds a sign for Mumia while standing outside DA Kranser's office. Photo by Jamal Journal staff photographer Joe Piette.)

--On March 29,  Jamal Jr (Mumia's grandson) and his daughter (Mumia's great granddaughter) ran into Krasner at iHop. Jamal Jr shared his interaction (text only, no video) on Instagram. This is what he wrote:

"The moment when you run into DA Larry Krasner while you are taking your daughter to iHop. I had to have a short talk with that dude. Basically he kept saying he can't free my grandfather, it's not in his power. I replied we are demanding that he doesn't stand in the way of a fair trial. That this is a defining case during his tenure as DA because this is a case riddled with bias, white supremacy, and silencing [a] black liberation activist. How can he support Black Lives Matter and uphold the grotesque abuse of power in Mumia's case.

He said he has to be fair. I replied there has never been fairness in Mumia's trials. I then told him that he has to do what he campaigned on. We watched what the government would do to silence what they call "Black Messiahs". They will harass, abuse, attempt to discredit, imprison and murder ANYONE who stands for the PEOPLE. But we won't back down. We can't. We can't afford to not see this through.


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